Unexpected Blessings in the Form of an Instant Pot!

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I can’t hardly believe that we are almost half-way through our #newyearnospend challenge, and I haven’t entirely lost my mind yet! I may have made two trips to the grocery store last week instead of just one…mainly because my little guy totally wasn’t having it the first try, but I still think I managed to stay pretty close to my original shopping list, it just happened to be divided into two trips instead of one.

I’m pretty proud to be able to say that for two full weeks there have been no impulse buys and no going out to eat! I’ve had to really curb my time spend on Slick Deals, as well as my favorite local buy, sell and trade Facebook Pages for the most part…just too much temptation. I learned pretty quickly that it’s just better to not even know about all the “good deals” I’ve been missing out on. 😉


Undoubtedly abstaining from restaurant dinning has just been made SO much easier thanks to my dear sweet friend Lily, who blogs all about natural living simply over at Smarty Pants Girl. If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, definitely head on over and take a peek! This beautiful lady gifted our family with the one thing that has been taunting me during this challenge…yes, if you read No Spend Anniversary, you know what I’m talking about. An Instant Pot!

When I came home from my usual afternoon kid taxi service (just picking up from school, but sometimes it sure feels this way), I found this beauty waiting for me. I think it might just have felt a bit like the lottery had been won in our house.


Of course I had to put this beautiful piece of cooking awesomeness to work right away. I decided to try some Coconut BBQ Chicken (recipe on the way this weekend) and I’m quite sure I heard angels singing when it was finished in just 15 minutes, and yes that was using partially frozen chicken. It could have been the Instant Pot beeping to let me know it had completed it’s first task flawlessly, but I’m pretty sure it was angels.

I’ve seriously had this appliance for less than a day, and I have no doubt that meal time drama will forever be reduced. You see not only was I gifted with an Instant Pot, but even more so I was blessed with the ability cook healthy meals for my family in a fraction of the time that it would usually take me. I was given more time to enjoy the company of my husband and children this tonight instead of spending so much of my evening in the kitchen. I was also blessed with a new sense of confidence and motivation that I can make it through the next two weeks of the #newyearnospend challenge. This momma is so grateful for all the unexpected blessings which were bestowed upon her today.

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    I’m also trying to cook at home more this year, but man is it hard not to eat out sometimes! I’ve never used one of these before…maybe I should look into it. Especially if it makes dinner less stressful!

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