Please Help Me Get Started With Essential Oils. Oh, and I Would Like a Great Deal Too!

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So have you been wanting to dip your toe into the world of essential oils? Have you been hearing from some of your friends how you just HAVE to give them a try? Do you think they are just absolutely crazy, but there is the tiniest part of you that thinks what if they aren’t? No mater what category you might find yourself in I’m so glad you are even willing to consider giving these amazing oils a whirl…because honestly, before this sweet little sensitive baby came into our lives I was not.

Remember how I told you that I decided to get started with Young Living because frankly I could get a sweet deal on the Premium Starter Kit and if I was going to give these silly oils a try I certainly wasn’t going to break the bank doing it? Well little did I know that I was making an amazing decision that was not only economically responsible but was the best for my family, home, and pets because I was getting incredibly high quality oils as well.

Why Are Young Living Oils So Great?

Young Living has many of their own farms, so they are able to totally guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing of any of the plants used for their oils. They actually use essential oils for pest control, how cool is that?! They do both in-house testing as well as 3rd party and only use the first distillation of oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant. We had the opportunity to visit the Young Living Farm in Mona, UT towards the end of last year, and it was wonderful to be able to see Seed To Seal in action!


Because they are completely in charge of their farming operations they don’t go through “oil-brokers” like so many other essential oil companies do. I love that the middle-man has been eliminated and there is no question about what he/she might be doing with the oils and there purity.

Of course no matter how you look at it it’s an issue of trust, but I would rather just have to trust one company than several with their hands all in the same pot at the same time. Now, after using Young Living for nearly 2 years, I can confidently say that our family’s health and wellness has never been better, thanks in a big way to the support that our bodies are receiving with these incredible oils and supplements.

This All Sounds Awesome But I Want To Know About This Sweet Deal You Keep Talking About!

So you think you might be ready to hop on this oily journey with me? Alright then, let’s talk about how you too can get yourself a Young Living wholesale membership and save yourself 24% off your oil purchases!

There are 2 different options for getting started with Young Living. By far the best choice is one of the Premium Starter Kits as it offers the best value…remember, I’m all about quality and value, and this delivers on both! I’ve known several people who chose to go with one of the smaller kits and really regretted it later.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with $320 worth of products for just $160! That’s some pretty sweet savings! But wait, this month you can snag one for just $135!! What?! Keep reading! The premium kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started with essential oils, and contains many of the oils we use on a daily basis:

-(10) 5ml full-size bottles of Young Living’s most popular oils
-a bonus oil (Stress Away) to bring your collection up to 11
-a Diffuser of Your Choice (can you believe it comes with a diffuser?! SUCH an awesome deal!)
-Oil Sample Packets
-Oil Sample Bottles
-Oil Information Cards
-2 Packets of NingXia Red
-1 Reusable Roller Fitment


With your kit and wholesale membership you are now qualified for 24% off any additional purchases, kind of like a Costco membership and there no monthly requirements once so ever! How awesome is that?! All you’ll have to do to keep getting this sweet discount is buy $50 worth of products per year, and since your Premium Starter Kit takes care of that for the entire first year, you won’t need to spend $50 until the second year. Woot!

So all this is great and wonderful but I’m going to make it filled with even more awesomeness. Who wants some freebies with their Premium Starter Kit?! Yes, please!

Through the end of June, I’ll be offering a $25 Amazon, or a $25 PayPal deposit with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit. Plus you’ll also receive all the educational materials that you’ll need, and a support group jammed packed with incredible like-minded moms and dads, to ensure that you aren’t left wondering how to use your oils!



*Remember, this offer is only valid when you sign up through My MSPI Baby using member number 2474385.

Here is what you’ll need to do to get in on this offer:

I know this look like a lot of steps, but it truly does just take a couple of minutes!

1. Go Here to access the Young Living Sign-up Page. Please use your laptop or desktop to sign-up, instead of your smartphone or tablet, as it tends to work better.
You’ll want to make sure that the Wholesale Member option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices (which as I said are 24% more than wholesale).
Double check that both the Sponsor ID & Enroller ID say 2474385 (so that I can send you the extra goodies)!
*If you do not feel comfortable putting in your social security number (this is only for tax purposes if you just happen decide to turn this into a business, Young Living is required by law to ask for  it) then you can get an EIN from the IRS in just a few seconds here and use that number instead (the IRS just needs to be able to connect some number with you for tax purposes). The reason you are asked to list your social security number is for tax purposes. If you make over $600 per year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. Young Living is a 20 year old company and will never share this info with anyone.
*You will create a 4-digit PIN number that customer service will need to access your account should you ever need to call them. Make sure to make this something you will remember or write it down.

2. Select which starter kit you want to get. I would strongly consider one of the Premium Starter Kit (which is the one that will come with the free reference materials which I will send you, and the Amazon gift card). It is by far the best value and comes with many of the oils which we use on a regular basis.

3. Young Living offers a pretty sweet rewards program called Essential Rewards that allows you to earn free oils by earning points on products which you are buying anyways. It also gives you reduced shipping…sweet! This month the rewards are some of the best I’ve EVER seen, and seriously I thought last month’s were amazing, but these are even better! Think of this as your personal monthly health and wellness box! This video does a great job explaining the Essential Rewards Program.

4. Now’s a great time to add anything else you want with your shiny new 24% off discount! Each month Young Living releases an awesome promotion and these are the June freebies! Your starter kit counts for 100PV, so if you were to add 90PV more you would get a everything shown under 190PV in the graphic above for free – and same for the 250 and 300PV freebie levels. Some of my ad-ons suggestions are Thieves Cleaning Concentrate (the absolutely best and most cost efficient non-toxic cleaner), the Golden Touch Kit (amazing for immune support) Deep Relief (perfect for aches and pains), Oregano (another great one for immune support) and Believe (I love diffusing this one and wearing it as perfume – smells amazing). Let me know if you want support for anything specific and I’ll help – Young Living has hundreds of oils and supplements so there is lots to pick from depending on what your needs are! *Keep in mind that the freebies on the graphic above that are labeled as {ER Exclusive} are just for Essential Rewards orders – Young Living’s optional monthly wellness box program that you can always sign up for down the road if you choose to – or you can sign-up now if you know you’re wanting to dive in right away.

5. Follow the process all the way through to the end, where you will receive a confirmation email! Let me know if you don’t get that order confirmation email for any reason. Once you’ve ordered a kit make sure to watch for a welcome email from me so you can let me know if you’d like a $25 Amazon Gift Card or a Paypal Deposit. I’ll also include a link for you to join our private Facebook group in that email – you definitely do not want to miss out on all the fun and giveaways that happen in the group, so make sure to join us!

What if I have more questions, how do I get them answered?

Don’t hesitate to contact me at: and I would be delighted to help get your oily journey off on the right foot as well as to support you along the way. 🙂

*This promotion is available for US and Canada residents only.

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