New Year No Spend Update: No Spend Anniversary!

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No Spend-snniversary

So yesterday was probably my most difficult day yet, since embarking on this New Year No Spend challenge. I’ve  been obsessing over an Instant Pot, oh my have you seen these things? Do you know what a life changer it would be to cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes?!

Ok, in all seriousness, yes I want an Instant Pot terribly, but yesterday was also our wedding anniversary. Talk about a difficult day NOT to spend money on. Who doesn’t want to shower the love of their life with lavish gifts…or even just go out to a fancy dinner. Believe me, I gave a lot of thought to asking my husband to buy me that Instant Pot for our anniversary and to at the very least go out to dinner and a movie, and throwing this #newyearnospend idea out the window for just one day. Of course because I hadn’t really thought this out ahead of time, I didn’t have a gift card on hand to use for a nice dinner, and we had already used our AMC card to take the kiddos to see Star Wars last weekend. Sigh. [Read more…]

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My Motherhood Mantras: Keeping Some Perspective in this Crazy Amazing Stage of Life!

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I’m super excited to share a new weekly series with you all. I’m teaming up with several other amazing bloggers to bring you #MotherhoodMonday, which is all about the realities of motherhood. Every week we’ll be tackling a different topic, and this week it’s all about Motherhood Mantras.

As you know I’m the momma of a now 15 year old, 11 year old, and a one year old. We’ve got several stages of life happening in our home all at the same time. While I wouldn’t ever change a thing, there are some days that I need to take a deep breath and keep everything in perspective. I know that so many of you can relate…between keeping up with three kiddos, the day to day household duties, spending some quality time with my dear sweet husband, and working on my business and my blog, this momma gets tired out and sometimes perspective is the last thing I’m keeping in mind. 😉

That being said there are certainly those go to Motherhood Mantras that no matter how far they get pushed back in my mind, I try to remember and focus on. I’ve actually started to write them on a chalkboard in our kitchen and breakfast area so that I have no choice but to remember them, rather than needing to unearth them from the back of my brain. It’s much easier to focus on something and to put it into practice when it’s staring you in the face all day. [Read more…]

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New Year No Spend Challenge, How to Simplify Your Life or Drive Yourself Crazy Trying!

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Do you all remember when I first touched on the subject of a no spend month? It was several months ago when my friend Brittany, over at Little Mountain Momma first embarked on a no spend August. While the concept intrigued me, it also terrified me as well! By no means am I a hugely frivilous spender, but do I like to take advantage of a “good deal” when I see it…especially online, you bet! Do these “good deals” sometimes really add up…umm yes, yes they do.

So now she’s at it again, and this time has several other bloggers who’ve decided to join in too. When she asked me if I might be interested, I very hesitantly said yes. Now that we are embarking on a whole new year, and being that I am a big believer in healthy budgets and bank accounts too, I figured this was as good of a time as ever to give this New Year No Spend challenge a whirl.

Here are the basics, but please keep in mind that every family can of course tailor them to their own needs and goals:

• No impulse spending

• No eating out unless using a gift card (no cheating and going over the limit)

• Be creative and utilize your resources (for example maybe you trade a cup of sugar with the neighbor for some eggs, or if you forget to buy a birthday gift for someone, perhaps you can make one instead).

• Know your necessities and stick to them. Paying bills and filling your car with gas are of course things that you need to do, but that Starbucks or a pedicure probably are not. [Read more…]

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So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Nog Review + Email Coupons!

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So who’s tried the So Delicious Dairy Free Holiday Drinks yet? I just picked up the Coconut Milk Nog today, and I could barely make it in the door before popping this little carton of holiday goodness open. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, as back in my dairy days I definitely loved me some egg nog at this time of year. That being said, I think just the idea of being able to enjoy anything close to my beloved nog had me just about giddy!

Needless to say the Soy Delicious Nog did not disappoint. It’s delicious…rich and creamy with a perfect hint of spice. Seriously, this stuff is awesome! There is very little difference between this and the dairy version, and honestly I think I might just prefer the coconut variety. Home run So Delicious!

I’m quite sure it would be equally good as an “adult” version as well. 😉

So Delicious is also offering a Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk and a Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk for the holidays. You know I’ll be trying those now too…so don’t forget to check back for those reviews in the next couple of weeks!

If you haven’t signed up for So Delicious coupons yet, make sure to head on over and provide your information so that you can email them to you. You’ll also get a .55 off any So Delicious product coupon instantly when you register

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Cyber Monday Essential Oils Deal: FREE Shipping, Essential Oils Gift Bag, & Amazon Gift Card!

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Alright, who’s ready for the mother of all Cyber Monday Essential Oil deals?! I was planning on just sticking with my original Black Friday offers, but feeling ever so Christmasy today (is that a word, lol)! I decided to sweeten it a bit more, by throwing in FREE shipping as well! Yes that’s right, you’ll still receive the beautiful handmade essential oils bag and the $10 Amazon gift card as well, with the purchase of any Premium Starter Kit.

The premium kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started with essential oils, and contains many of the oils we use on a daily basis: the Everyday Oils Collection with 11 of Young Living’s most popular oils, a diffuser of your choice, 10 best selling oil samples, 2 NingXia Red samples and 1 Roller Fitment. Plus 24% off all future purchases, woohoo!
You’ll need to hurry though, as this offer is only valid today, November 30th, when you order through My MSPI Baby, using ID #2474385!
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*HOT* Six-Panel Play Yard Only $42.99!

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These are six-panel play yards are always very popular, and I know that many of you will be looking to put one of these around your Christmas tree this year, so needless to say I was super excited to see this deal!

Right now Zulily has these marked all the way down from $100 to just $42.99, which is one awesome price.

Here are all the details:

  • Includes six panels
  • Each panel: 30” W x 32” H x 1” D
  • 18.5 sq. ft.
  • Plastic
  • Wipe clean
  • Recommended for ages newborn and up


Please keep in mind that because Zulily is a flash sale site, this deal might not be around for long! If you’re new to Zulily you’ll want to go here first if not you can go here to shop.


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Razor A Kick Scooters Only $18!

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Wowzers! If you’re looking for a deal on the always wildly popular Razor A Kick Scooters hurry on over to Amazon where you can pick one up for just $18!

Here are the details:

  • Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum with red highlights
  • Patented T-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport
  • 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings
  • Patented rear fender brake for quick stops; weighs only 6 pounds
  • Recommended for ages 5 and older; 6-month warranty
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*HOT* Black Friday Essential Oils Deal: FREE Handmade Oil Bag, Amazon Gift Card, & More!

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I know how excited many of you were when I offered these gorgeous handmade essential oils bags with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit, but it is Black Friday after all isn’t it?! SO, I decided to sweeten the deal even a bit more. Through Cyber Monday (November 30th), you will also receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card and all the reference materials needed to get the best start possible with using your new oils.

Don’t miss out on the chance to give yourself or someone you love the gift of health and wellness this holiday season!

The Premium Starter Kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started with essential oils:

-11 of Young Living’s most popular oils
-a Diffuser of Your Choice
-Oil Sample Packets
-Oil Sample Bottles
-Oil Sample Sharing Cards
-2 Packets of NingXia Red
-1 Roller Fitment

And you’ll also get these freebies… [Read more…]

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Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Car Seat Only $179 + Free Shipping!

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If you’re in the market for a new car seat you definitely won’t want to miss this one! Amazon has the always popular Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Car Seat marked all the way down from $329 to just $179, plus it ships for free!

Here are a few more details:

  • Black fabric on car seat may appear to have slight color variation in certain light conditions. This variation has no effect on the durability of fabric material or safety performance of car seat. All standard manufacturer warranties apply to this product.
  • Safe Cell Impact Protection is an integrated system of safety components, including an Impact Absorbing Base, Tether and Harness, an Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and Complete Side Impact Protection PLUS.
  • Quick-Adjust, 10-Position Harness and 2-Position Buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable, secure fit as your child grows.
  • Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors lock into place with an audible click and are easily released with the push of a button.
  • Tangle-Free, 5-Point Harness prevents the straps from twisting making it easier to load your child into the seat and ensuring a safer ride.
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FREE Beautiful Handmade Essential Oils Bag with Premium Starter Kit Purchase!

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How beautiful are these handmade essential oils bags? They even safely and securely hold your precious essential oil bottles! As one of my Christmas gifts to you, I’m including one of these gems with purchase of any Young Living Premium Starter Kit! I do only have a limited number available, so you’ll want to be quick if you want in on this bonus.  🙂


Make sure to head on over here for step by step directions on how to order your starter kit and to check out the AMAZING freebies being offered directly from Young Living this month. They are crazy good!

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