Let The Elimination Diet Begin!

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Did I already say that I was a little overwhelmed when I found out that I was going to begin on an MSPI elimination diet?! Ummm yeah, no dairy and no soy…yikes! I actually thought giving up the dairy was going to be harder, but really I think it was the soy as it seems to be in almost everything. Now I should point out that I chose to also eliminate everything with soy oil and soy lecithin as well. Some babies don’t require this strict of a diet, but one thing that you should know about me is I’m kind of an all-in sort of person, so I quickly decided that if there was any possibility that either of these soy substances could cause my little man any issues I would rather just cut it out right from the start. Of course you might not find it necessary to be so strict, and if that is the case you’ll have more food choices available to you.

So after it was decided that I would be eliminating both dairy and soy, including all the hidden forms of dairy that I shared with you in my post What is MSPI Anyways. I headed off to Sprouts and Whole Foods to begin this journey. Well needless to say I did a ton of wandering around the aisles reading labels and wondering what in the world I could eat, all the while I was in shock as to how much this new diet was going to cost our family as well! That’s something else that you should know about me I’m quite frugal by nature and the price of many of these alternative foods such as coconut yogurt and vegan cheese had my head spinning just a bit.

I eventually purchased a few things that I thought were “safe” for me to eat, but still didn’t really have much for making actual meals. I begin to scour the internet for resources and recipes, many of which I now have tried…some which have been awesome, and some of which have been pretty awful to say the least. So, my hope is to share some of my tried and true favorites with you so you can save yourself from some of the epic fails that are out there. Believe me your husband and children will thank you as well. 😉

Of course it didn’t take me long to decide that I needed to start making many of these items myself, and not only would I save a TON of money by doing so, but they would be even healthier. I will be sharing all of this with you as we continue on this elimination diet together.

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What Is MSPI Anyways?

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If you have found your way to My MSPI Baby chances are your baby has just been diagnosed with MSPI (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance), or you are researching symptoms that your baby is experiencing and you are thinking that this just might be what’s going on with your little one.

Let me share our road to an MSPI diagnoses with you and you can see if any of this might sound familiar.

When our third bundle of joy was born I decided that I was definitely going to breastfeed this time around, even though it didn’t go so well with the previous two (stay tuned for more on this later). 😉 However, once again we had some issues right from the start but this time I decided that I would try exclusively pumping, as at least he would be receiving all the wonderful benefits of breast milk even if it was being delivered in a bottle. Of course many of you that have been down the exclusively pumping road know, there is definitely a lot more involved, including middle of the night pumping sessions, washing pump parts and bottles, maintaining a strict pumping schedule the first couple of months, and so much more…but regardless, I had a new found determination to make this work!

Right from the very beginning it seemed like this little boy had some funky things going on with his tummy…so much gas, congestion, and a total inability to sleep for more than just a few minutes at a time. Yes, our sweet little man was definitely giving us a run for our money.

Over the next few weeks even more symptoms started to arise….colicky behavior, explosive bowel movements, eczema on his face and head, and some definite signs of reflux (which our older two children had dealt with before).

We tried everything that we could think of including Infant Gas Relief Drops and Gripe Water. Both would take the edge off for very short periods of time, but the relief never lasted for long as they were essentially just acting as a band-aid…treating or covering up the symptoms, but doing nothing for the root cause.

We decided that it was finally time to take a trip to our pediatrician to attempt to get a better handle on what was going on, as this little boy clearly wasn’t happy and was suffering in some way. Of course if you know anything about me it’s that I’m a researcher, so I of already had a strong suspicion that we were dealing with MSPI and possibly reflux as well.

If your baby is experiencing  reflux, medication can sometimes help relieve some of the symptoms, but if the reflux is being caused by a sensitivity to milk and soy proteins, these will need to be fully removed from his or her diet to get to the bottom of the cause of the reflux.  Sometimes switching to a dairy and soy-free formula will take care of the problem for those babies who are bottle fed. But if your baby is being fed breast milk like mine, you’ll need to remove all dairy and soy ingredients including the hidden ones.

After sharing all of this goodness with our doctor, she too thought it sounded like there was a definite possibility that this is what we were dealing with too. However, there really isn’t a good definitive test to diagnose MSPI (especially in babies so young). About the best they could do was test some of his stool samples for traces of blood, which they ultimately found. So my elimination diet would begin as ironically enough I was even more determined to make this whole breastfeeding, or in my case pumping thing work!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Make sure to share in the comments section down below so that we can all learn from each other!

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