New Year No Spend Update: No Spend Anniversary!

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No Spend-snniversary

So yesterday was probably my most difficult day yet, since embarking on this New Year No Spend challenge. I’ve  been obsessing over an Instant Pot, oh my have you seen these things? Do you know what a life changer it would be to cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes?!

Ok, in all seriousness, yes I want an Instant Pot terribly, but yesterday was also our wedding anniversary. Talk about a difficult day NOT to spend money on. Who doesn’t want to shower the love of their life with lavish gifts…or even just go out to a fancy dinner. Believe me, I gave a lot of thought to asking my husband to buy me that Instant Pot for our anniversary and to at the very least go out to dinner and a movie, and throwing this #newyearnospend idea out the window for just one day. Of course because I hadn’t really thought this out ahead of time, I didn’t have a gift card on hand to use for a nice dinner, and we had already used our AMC card to take the kiddos to see Star Wars last weekend. Sigh.


I took a deep breath, put my big girl pants on and decided that I would put some major effort into cooking some of my husband’s favorite things for dinner (as yesterday was my weekly grocery shopping day, and I actually had several of the ingredients on hand, so there wouldn’t be a lot of grocery splurges involved either).  He really enjoys Italian food, especially extra cheesy lasagna with sweet sausage, so I made him a big pan. I also made some delicious chicken parmesan, including an amazing dairy-free version that I could enjoy as well. We even had homemade french bread, and salad with some seriously awesome pecan-wood smoked bacon. No anniversary dinner would be complete without a nice bottle of wine, fortunately we do have a few of those on hand, including a bottle of Blackberry Merlot which had been gifted to us for Christmas.

Yes, it may not have been a table for two at our favorite little restaurant, instead it was a table for 5 in our dining room, but it was still delicious and wonderful! I’m so blessed to be married to such an incredible man, one who undoubtedly will be buying me an Instant Pot in February. 😉

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    Wow! Talk about awesome self control! haha
    I don’t think I would’ve lasted this long! Even though you didn’t go out to a fancy dinner – that lasagna sounds awesome! Happy Anniversary!

  2. 4


    Wow! Talk about awesome self control! haha
    I don’t think I would’ve lasted this long! Good for you guys! that lasagna sounds awesome – even better than a fancy restaurant! Happy Anniversary!

  3. 6


    Happy Anniversary! Way to go on sticking to your no spend commitment! Sounds like you made it a very memorable night even without going out! I’ll have to check out that pot – haven’t heard of it but sounds amazing!

  4. 7


    So awesome that you stuck with it, even when it was tricky! Maybe sometime next month you all can go for a nice belated dinner out 🙂 Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. 8


    aw, it sounds like the dinner that you made him was just as sweet as any night out. And I have no idea what an instant pot is, but you best believe I’m googling it on the fly. Happy Anniversary!

  6. 9


    This is such a great idea and way to go on the self control. Side note- I need to look into this instant pot! Question- is this a no spend challenge for a year or a month? I have wanted to do a month long one a few times a year but I don’t think I could do a full year. At least not right now.

    • 10

      Rebekah says

      Oh my heavens, I could NEVER do an entire year either…seriously an Instant Pot can’t wait that long! 😉 It’s a one month challenge. I may do another one later in the year…but I’ll see how the rest of this month goes first.

  7. 15


    Way to STICK it to your goal and make it through! I am so impressed! I know it was hard, but it’s going to make getting that Instant Pot that much sweeter!

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