New Year No Spend Final Update!

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Oh my stars where has February gone, and WHY has it taken me until now to share my final thoughts on my #newyearnospend challenge?! Well there a whole lot of reasons, some very good and others ugh, well you get the point.

Those of you who followed along at the beginning of this adventure, know that I had SERIOUS reservations about this whole concept and if it would truly be something we could pull off for an entire month. Well I’m happy to report that for the most part we were able to do it…even so much so that we carried in a little bit into February as well!

Now the main reason we started the next month off following the same no spend guidelines was because yours truly didn’t plan so well ahead of time and completely forgot that one of our kiddos was going to Outdoor Lab for the entire first week of February and I had to purchase some required supplies and clothing items for him the last month of January. I did my very best to use coupons and borrow what we could, but alas some spending needed to be done. You would think that this wouldn’t bother the Momma who had very little interest in embracing this New Year No Spend challenge at the start, but you see something happens when you see how much frivolous spending your family really does. It becomes crystal clear how many things you truly don’t need and how much you can save as well as give to others as well. After being quite diligent for the entire month leading up to that finally week, I actually took it personally that I was sort of “failing” the challenge! Of course I know that I didn’t fail at all, as I still learned and grew so much…but those of you who don’t like to fully complete a task or challenge get what I mean. 😉

I kind of scare myself by saying this, but I think we may try to embrace another no spend month later in the year. We spent more quality time together as a family just hanging out, we saved a ton of money, and we appreciated all the blessings in our lives even more…it was a huge resounding WIN! When we embark upon this challenge again we would love to have y’all join in and to hear about how it changed your perspective too!

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Now there are some VERY exciting reasons why it’s taken me so long to get this update up, one involves a new amazing position which I’ve just accepted…and yes, it’s a a pretty sweet work from home sort of job. I say “sort of” job, because so far it definitely hasn’t felt like one! I’ll be sharing more on this soon, so make sure to swing on back to hear all about it!

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