My Motherhood Mantras: Keeping Some Perspective in this Crazy Amazing Stage of Life!

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I’m super excited to share a new weekly series with you all. I’m teaming up with several other amazing bloggers to bring you #MotherhoodMonday, which is all about the realities of motherhood. Every week we’ll be tackling a different topic, and this week it’s all about Motherhood Mantras.

As you know I’m the momma of a now 15 year old, 11 year old, and a one year old. We’ve got several stages of life happening in our home all at the same time. While I wouldn’t ever change a thing, there are some days that I need to take a deep breath and keep everything in perspective. I know that so many of you can relate…between keeping up with three kiddos, the day to day household duties, spending some quality time with my dear sweet husband, and working on my business and my blog, this momma gets tired out and sometimes perspective is the last thing I’m keeping in mind. 😉

That being said there are certainly those go to Motherhood Mantras that no matter how far they get pushed back in my mind, I try to remember and focus on. I’ve actually started to write them on a chalkboard in our kitchen and breakfast area so that I have no choice but to remember them, rather than needing to unearth them from the back of my brain. It’s much easier to focus on something and to put it into practice when it’s staring you in the face all day. [Read more…]

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